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Palo Alto Networks: Ultimate Test Drive - AEP 24 Janvier (End Point)

Date: 24-Jan-19 to 24-Jan-19
Location: France
Vous souhaitez tester la plateforme de sécurité Palo Alto Networks? Nous vous invitons à un atelier technique gratuit d’une demi-journée au cours duquel vous bénéficierez d’une expertise sur l’utilisation de la plateforme de sécurité Palo Alto Networks. Cet atelier est dédié à vous présenter comment améliorer la visibilité et contrôler les applications, utilisateurs et contenus qui traversent votre réseau. Lors de cet atelier, vous apprendrez notamment comment: Etablir des règles de filtrage pour contrôler l’accès aux applications par utilisateurs et par Activer des fonctionnalités spécifiques d’une application en limitant l’accès à d’ Configurer une politique pour déchiffrer, inspecter et contrôler le trafic Attention : Merci de ne pas oublier d’apporter votre PC/MAC ...

Palo Alto Networks: Carrera por la Ciberseguridad con Palo Alto Networks

Date: 24-Jan-19 to 24-Jan-19
Location: Mexico
Los ataques cibernéticos hoy día ya sobrepasaron la capacidad de reacción de los humanos al ser automatizados, de tal forma que sin una estrategia de seguridad adecuada y sin una capacidad de prevención lo suficientemente veloz, los ataques pueden hacer daños sin precedentes.  Palo Alto Networks  tiene el placer de invitarlo como parte de un grupo selecto a la exclusiva carrera por la ciberseguridad, la cual consiste en una competencia de carreras en GoKarts contra otros expertos en ciberseguridad, de tal forma que el profesional más veloz podrá demostrarlo a través de sus habilidades en el volante.   El cupo es limitado. ¡Lo esperamos!

Palo Alto Networks: UTD NGFW Mumbai 24 January 2019

Date: 24-Jan-19 to 24-Jan-19
Location: India
Join us for The Ultimate Test Drive, where you'll get hands-on experience with Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall. In this free workshop, you will configure security policies that will ultimately restore visibility and control over the applications, users and content traversing your network. From this workshop, you will be able to: - Establish policies to enable applications based on users and groups - Learn how to enable application features while restricting others  - Configure a policy that decrypts, inspects and allows SSL traffic  - Safely enable mobile devices using GlobalProtect™   PLEASE NOTE: This workshop requires attendees to provide their own laptop  


Date: 25-Jan-19 to 25-Jan-19
Location: Baku / Azerbaijan
О КОНФЕРЕНЦИИ В рамках международного роуд шоу компании-производителя решений по кибербезопасности Palo Alto Networks совместно с BAKOTECH GROUP впервые в Азербайджане пройдет конференция “A More Secure Everywhere”, посвященная упрощению и повышению уровня ИТ-безопасности на пути к цифровой трансформации бизнеса. Мероприятие в первую очередь будет интересно ИТ/ИБ-директорам, руководителям ИТ/ИБ-подразделений и другим ИБ-специалистам, перед которыми стоит задача построения эффективной системы информационной безопасности компании. Формат конференции предусматривает основную сессию с докладами, интерактивные демо-зоны от Palo Alto Networks и партнеров, которые продемонстрируют реальные кейсы внедрения и интеграцию с решениями от F5, Tenable, IXIA, Digital Guardian. Во время перерыва и обеда н...

Palo Alto Networks: A More Secure Everywhere

Date: 29-Jan-19 to 29-Jan-19
Location: Jeddah / Saudi Arabia
A MORE SECURE First ever Palo Alto Networks Security Roadshow ‘ A More Secure Everywhere ’ taking place in Jeddah on 29th January . The focus of the event will be building ‘A More Secure Everywhere’ security structure. During this exciting one-day event, we will be showcasing how we will be simplifying and securing your Digital Transformation Journey. This Roadshow provides a great opportunity to understand Palo Alto Networks' mission to protect our way of life in the Digital Age. No matter where you sit in your organization, security experts from Palo Alto Networks will help you secure your digital transformation in this unique, interactive, one day event. Throughout this day you will have a chance to listen to executive keynotes, expert discussions and sessions focused on ...

Palo Alto Networks: Mallorca Cyber Talent Development Program

Date: 29-Jan-19 to 31-Jan-19
Location: Spain
‘Cyber Talent Development Program’ ‘Mallorca Cyber Talent Development Program’ es una iniciativa conjunta de la Universitat de les Illes Balears y Palo Alto Networks que tiene como objetivo fomentar el desarrollo de talento en Cybeseguridad y en tecnología de Palo Alto Networks para poder cubrir las necesidades crecientes de demanda de profesionales de Ciberseguridad en las Islas. Como parte de esta iniciativa la Universitat de les Illes Balears ha iniciado el proceso para convertirse en “Cybersecurity Academy” de Palo Alto Networks ( Program ). Para lanzar y dar a conocer la iniciativa se ha decidido impartir un primer curso de formación gratuito, fuera del programa, que va dirigido a estudiantes de Informática de la UIB y a profesionales de empresas de las Islas que tengan ...

Edge Europe 2019

Date: 31-Jan-19 to 31-Jan-19
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
The shift to Edge represents the most profound change that will impact possibly for decades to come and will see significant growth over the next 5 years globally with industry predictions of connections billions of installed devices and embedded sensors. As data is generated at ever more exponential rates, and globally moves us towards the age of Yottabyte, so compute processing power disperses across enterprise, and cloud resources shift closer to the user. Massive amounts of data draw compute in, away from the core, which is the Edge. This trend for a more distributed architecture will multiply and expand as the convergence of new technologies and developments such as IoT, 5G, AI, autonomous cars and smart cities, connected things, microdatacenters and Edge facilities, enable new ways ...


Date: 05-Feb-19 to 05-Feb-19
Location: United States
Welcome to the next step in security training. Part skills workshop and part team-building exercise, Cyber Range is the antidote to standard, dry-as-dust, snooze-fest training. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, high-tech, FUN way to learn the very latest security strategies and techniques, then look no further! At the  Cyber Range , you and your teams will: - Master skills and techniques  by identifying and preventing live attacks with best practices tips from our experienced instructors. - Create and test different strategies  by researching and responding to real-world threats. - Strengthen your execution  by building and testing end-to-end prevention processes while battling other teams during full-on cyberattack scenarios. What’s more, you’ll receive a course certificate after ...

Chief Customer Officers & Influencers, USA

Date: 05-Feb-19 to 06-Feb-19
Location: Atlanta / United States
Created exclusively for zealously customer-centric Chief Customer Officers & Influencers! The most senior CX / CS event for CCO's, Customer Experience and Customer Success Leaders. Chief Customer Officers & Influencers, USA returns this February for the fourth edition, taking place in Atlanta GA for 2019. The forum has established itself as an unparalleled platform for Chief Customer Officers and CX / CS leaders to come together to collaborate, learn and share in practical "how to" strategies to benefit their organizations, creating a platform of discourse for the evangelism of customer-centricity in modern-day business and the sharing of best practices in accelerating the Chief Customer Officer road-map. Attracting over 150+ senior CX & CS leaders and Chief ...