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Palo Alto Networks: California Public Sector CIO Academy

Date: 25-Feb-19 to 26-Feb-19
Location: United States
The California Public Sector CIO Academy is the premier leadership event for California's senior level technology executives to improve their management and business skills and to develop the IT leaders of the future. The purpose of this invitation-only event is to foster discussion and dialogue on what it means to be a successful CIO in the public sector and how to use IT as a strategic tool. This event is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for government and industry executives to collaborate and address the most important policy, management and leadership issues surrounding the future of digital government and the evolving role of the public-sector CIO.

The Microbiome Movement - AgBioTech Summit 2019

Date: 26-Feb-19 to 28-Feb-19
Location: Durham / United States
As microbial-derived products are poised to disrupt the agriculture industry, fundamental challenges remain in understanding the complexity of plant-soil microbial interactions, identifying microbial candidates amenable to fermentation and formulation on a large scale, demonstrating added value of agbiologicals in an agchemical dominated market and delivering agbiological products into the hands of growers. The 3rd Microbiome Movement – AgBioTech Summit will unite KOLs, agbiotech, agrochemical companies, research institutions and technology experts to harness the plant-soil microbiome and accelerate commercialization of effective next generation agbiologicals. Join the leaders in agbiological product development as they discuss the latest data-driven case studies and forge collaborations ...

World Class Corporate Immersive Experiences & The Human Factor 2019

Date: 26-Feb-19 to 27-Feb-19
Location: Portland / United States
The greatest workforce challenge that businesses face, according to the Accenture Technology Vision 2018, is the distance between the business and the talent that the business needs to grow. Immersive technologies are able to support an on-demand workforce approach, which allows businesses to engage the ever-growing pool of talent who desires flexibility and tap expertise in thousands of skills from anywhere in the world. Digital leaders, tech innovators, and industry experts who are leveraging these immersive technologies in the workplace will collaborate, network, and facilitate business education at the World Class Corporate Immersive Experiences and The Human Factor on the 26th and 27th of February in Portland, Oregon. Raj Tiwari, Technology Leader & Global Service Owner for ...

Palo Alto Networks: AWS利用におけるセキュリティの勘所

Date: 26-Feb-19 to 26-Feb-19
Location: Japan
レガシーなシステムからクラウドへと移行する際に課題となるのがセキュリティ対策。そのクラウドの選択肢として多くの企業でAWSが使われていますがAWSにシステムを移行すればセキュリティは担保されるのでしょうか? 本セミナーでは多くの企業でAWSが選択される理由、そしてAWS上ではカバーしきれないセキュリティ問題に対し対策が可能なソリューションをご紹介いたします。 イベント名 AWS利用におけるセキュリティの勘所 協賛イベント 日  時 2019年2月26日(火) 16:00~17:30(15:45受付開始) 場  所 サーバーワークス飯田橋オフィス 〒162-0824 東京都新宿区揚場町1-21 飯田橋升本ビル2F 主  催 株式会社サーバーワークス 協  賛 パロアルトネットワークス株式会社 詳細・登録 詳細情報・ご登録はこちらから ※ご登録は上記リンクからお願いいたします。またイベントは変更が生じる場合がございます。リンク先の詳細情報をご確認願います。 パロアルトネットワークスセッションのご案内 16:25~17:00 AWSなどクラウドにおけるクラウドセキュリティの実現について パロアルトネットワークス株式会社 技術本部 システムエンジニア 門瀬 幸恵 クラウドでのIAASやPAASは様々な分野で広がりを見せていますが、一方で新たなリスクも生じています。どの部門で誰がどう利用しているのか、正しい設定がされているか、どのようなセキュリティ対策が行われいるのか把握できていない等々。パロアルトネットワークスではAWSなどの主要クラウドで一貫性のあるセキュリティを実現することが可能です。単なるセキュリティでなく、お客様の運用負荷を抑えながら高度なセキュリティ対策実現ソリューションをご案内させていただきます。


Date: 26-Feb-19 to 27-Feb-19
Location: London / United Kingdom
TWO- FOUNDATION-   our two-day cybersecurity foundation-class and introduction to Palo Networks designed to kick start your relationship with us. this two-day course, we will investigate how the security landscape has and how Palo Alto Networks Security Platform prevents cyberattacks. The foundation-class will consist of two days training and we strongly recommend you attend both days. This training provide you with everything you need to know to complete and pass your Palo Alto Networks Accredited Sales Executive (ASE) Foundation too!   One: We’ll focus on the changing security landscape and the evolution of Alto Networks Security Operating Platform. Day Two: This interactive session will a deep dive into ...

2/27/19: Uber fmr. Product Lead on Measuring Your Performance

Date: 27-Feb-19 to 27-Feb-19
TOPIC: Uber fmr. Product Lead on Measuring Your There are many resources that talk about the Product Manager role, but how does one actually measure success in the role? What are the core competencies that define excellence, and how should product managers think about tracking their performance along these lines? Uber fmr. Product Lead Shalin Mantri will discuss Measuring Your Performance - including the competencies framework that calibrates product managers across Uber. In addition, Shalin will discuss what excellence looks like at different levels and how to have professional development conversations with your manager. About the Speaker: Shalin Mantri is the Head of Product for Skip Scooters. Prior to joining Skip, Shalin worked at Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group (ATG),...

Palo Alto Networks: Sicherheitsanforderungen in einer digitalisierten Ge...

Date: 27-Feb-19 to 27-Feb-19
Location: Hamburg / Germany
Wir alle sind uns bewusst, dass Angreifer auf unsere Daten zu immer ausgefeilteren Methoden greifen und diese durch Cloud Services, Automatisierung und Machine-Learning immer schneller anpassen können, um unsere Abwehr zu umgehen.   Erfahren Sie am 27. Februar in Hamburg, wie Sie den Herausforderungen einer digitalisierten Gesellschaft begegnen, Innovationen umsetzen und gleichzeitig Ihre Abwehr stärken. Wir haben folgende spannende Themen für Sie vorbereitet:   - IT Security und KI – was die digitale Gesellschaft jetzt braucht -  Prof. Christoph Skornia, Universität - Was die Palo Alto Networks Security Platform bietet -  Thorsten Kolb, Business Development Manager, - Kundenbeispiel: Wie der Niersverband die digitalen Herausforderungen an die IT Security adressiert -  ...

Palo Alto Networks: Cena Ejecutiva Cloud Security

Date: 27-Feb-19 to 28-Feb-19
Location: Madrid / Spain
Estimado(a) Señor(a) De la forma más atenta me permito invitarle a nuestra próxima cena ejecutiva “Cloud Security”, la cual se llevará a cabo en la ciudad de Madrid. Únase a sus compañeros lideres en este ambiente ameno y elegante con la finalidad de tener una significativa discusión con Greg Day, Directo de Seguridad y Vicepresidente de EMEA, John Kindervarg, Director Técnico de Campo y Dave Allen, Vicepresidente Regional de Palo Alto Networks. Esperamos que los temas tratados durante esta reunión le ayuden a prevenir ataques exitosos dentro de su organización. De manera intencional, mantendremos el número de asistentes al mínimo con el objetivo de garantizarle una animada y notable conversación. Esperamos que pueda acompañarnos en este atractivo y gratificante evento. Para aclarar ...

Palo Alto Networks: Brainstrom K-12

Date: 03-Mar-19 to 03-Mar-19
Location: United States
The endpoint is one of the most common targets of advanced cyberattacks. Traditional endpoint protections, such as AV, cannot effectively stop the initial breach and subsequent spread of infection rendering your organization at serious risk to advanced threats.