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Aerodynamics Tools and Methods in Aircraft Design London 14-15 October 2019

Date: 14-Oct-19 to 15-Oct-19
Location: United Kingdom
This 1.5 day technical conference, with specialist and expert speakers from home and abroad, will discuss the current state-of-the-art in theoretical and experimental tools and methods in aircraft design. With advances in CFD, MDO, Wind-Tunnel and Flight-Test capabilities, the focus is also on what is needed to cope with future unconventional platforms. How should these tools evolve and develop to meet the demands and requirements of future programmes of civil and military airplanes, UAVs, rotorcraft, electric and autonomous vehicles, automobiles, weapons, space vehicles, maritime vessels, and wind turbines? Key subject areas: - Aerodynamics: Low Speed, Transonic and - Aircraft Design, including Environmental and Efficiency - Multi-Disciplinary - ...


Date: 15-Oct-19 to 15-Oct-19
Location: Netherlands
Voor de cybersecurity van bedrijven met een geautomatiseerd productieproces is specialistische kennis nodig. Het is een vak apart. BrainCap Cyber Security en Palo Alto Networks nodigen u daarom uit voor de Ultimate Test Drive voor OT-security op 15 oktober a.s. Een evenement dat zicht richt op de specifieke uitdagingen binnen OT-security en op de mogelijkheden om deze complexe omgevingen zo goed mogelijk te beveiligen. Inzicht in de ochtend, praktijk in de middag  In de ochtend laten we zien hoe u inzicht krijgt in de productieomgeving van uw organisatie, waar de bedrijfskritieke systemen staan. We laten zien hoe u de scheiding kunt maken tussen de OT- en IT-omgeving, met behoud van communicatie én hoe u dit secure doet.  In de middag is er een hands-on workshop. Hierin ervaren de ...

Palo Alto Networks: Live Demo: Gain Visibility and Protect AWS, Azure & ...

Date: 15-Oct-19 to 15-Oct-19
Location: United States
See for yourself how Prisma Public Cloud, formerly RedLock, takes a new ML-driven approach that correlates disparate security data sets including network traffic, user activities, risky configurations, and threat intelligence, to provide a unified view of risks across fragmented cloud environments. Watch a live demo to see how Prisma Public Cloud can help you with: - Multi-cloud visibility and control - Continuous compliance - Cloud forensics and threat prioritization

Palo Alto Networks: Live Event: Reinventing Security Operations

Date: 15-Oct-19 to 15-Oct-19
Location: United States
We believe automation powered by artificial intelligence is key to addressing challenges and advancing your security operations team. With more threat actors automating attacks and using low-cost computing to increase their attack volume, speed and accuracy — we must work smarter.   In our 90-minute event, you’ll learn how automation and machine learning can:   ●      Eliminate manual tasks by stitching together network, endpoint and cloud data ●      Accelerate investigation and response by reducing complexity ●      Reduce false positives in detection across data sources   Join our experts and learn how your SOC team can magnify their efforts past alert triage to hunting threats — letting technology do the repetitive chores and freeing your team to make decisions.

Palo Alto Networks: Workshop: Investigate and hunt threats with Cortex XDR

Date: 15-Oct-19 to 15-Oct-19
Location: United States
SecOps teams must continually improve the speed and accuracy of their investigations to keep up with increasingly advanced attackers. Join this investigation and threat hunting workshop, and learn how to successfully stop cyberattacks through analysis of rich data and alerts. Discover how you can dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your security operations through better detection, investigation, and threat hunting of stealthy attacks. In this incident response hands-on workshop, learn how to use Cortex XDR to: - Improve your detection and response capabilities using behavioral - Quickly investigate the attack chain and root cause of endpoint - Accelerate threat hunting with enriched, contextualized - Create custom rules that can alert you when ...

Chief Customer Officers & Influencers, Fall

Date: 16-Oct-19 to 17-Oct-19
Location: United States
Chief Customer Officers & Influencers (CCOI), Fall returns this October with more fantastic discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking for the customer-obsessed executive! When we were conducting the research for CCOI Fall, 2019 there was one clear desire that was present on each call; to possess a holistic view of the Customer. Silos come up in every industry and role – they do not discriminate; whether that originates from the CCO’s own team, or the company as a whole. With this holistic theme in mind, we have chosen to divide the agenda into three dominant sections. This has been done to provide three lenses onto the theme in question, providing the ability to break down the biggest industry challenges and interrogate them from multiple angles. Join us at the W Hoboken on ...

Palo Alto Networks: NGFW Ultimate Test Drive

Date: 16-Oct-19 to 16-Oct-19
Location: United States
In this free, three-hour workshop, you will configure security policies that will ultimately restore visibility and control over the applications, users and content traversing your network.   During this workshop you will: Establish policies to safely enable applications while restricting the others Enable sandbox threat analysis using WildFire to prevent unknown malware Configure policy that decrypts and inspects SSL Traffic Safely enable mobile devices using GlobalProtect   We hope you can join us!  

Palo Alto Networks: Ultimate Test Drive for Arista & Palo Alto Networks

Date: 17-Oct-19 to 17-Oct-19
Location: United States
Join us for the Ultimate Test Drive for Security Operating Platform to learn more about how our next-generation network security, advanced endpoint protection and cloud security prevents successful cyberattack by blocking exploits, ransomware and malware attacks to minimize infected endpoints and servers.   During the Arista Networks hands-on session, you'll have the chance to configure the following environments: - Multi-Chassis Aggregation (MLAG) and Virtual ARP (VARP) - Building a Layer 3 Leaf-Spine with - CloudVision Portal (CVP) From this hands-on Palo Alto session, you will learn how to: - Protect users from ransomware attacks with the VM-Series next-generation firewall and Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection. - Prevent unknown threat with Wildfire threat intelligence ...

Palo Alto Networks: Maintaining and Securing the Integrity of Election S...

Date: 17-Oct-19 to 17-Oct-19
Location: United States
In the United States, state and local governments are responsible for maintaining democratic processes by ensuring the availability and resiliency of election systems, the integrity and accuracy of balloting and vote tabulation, and the confidentiality of individual citizens’ votes.   Join us as we discuss maintaining the integrity and availability of election systems infrastructure in the face of growing cyberthreats.