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Top 50 Agritech Startups To Watch Out For In 2018

Top 50 Agritech Startups To Watch Out For In 2018

Total Funding In AgriTech Startups

Early Stage Funding Trend For Agritech Startups

Number of Funding Rounds For AgriTech Startups

Segment Wise Funding For AgriTech Startups

The data shows that investors and private equity funds are ready to back AgriTech startups,it is an opportunity for researchers to commercialize their research.

The USA continues to dominate Agritech scene globally with 34 startups of the top 50 coming from its stable; the ecosystem in the USA is mature for facilitation & commercialization of research.”
— Abhishek Singh, COO - YoStartups
HONG KONG, HONG KONG, February 4, 2018 / -- The agriculture industry has primarily remained primitive for ages making it a backbencher in the adoption of upcoming technologies. Apart from inclusion of high yield seeds, genetically modified crops and advanced genres of insecticides and pesticides, the industry hasn’t leveraged new age technologies.

Yostartups studied the investment trends from the top Agritech companies globally that were founded during or after the year 2008 and have raised at least one million dollars in total funding till Dec 2017, Based on this criterion, using CrunchBase data we identified 299 Agritech companies. From the cohort of 299 Agritech Companies, we have selected top-50 companies based on their relevance, technology, and the ranking given by CrunchBase.

“We will add two billion people more to mother earth by the year 2050, and the current rate of increase in food production globally, will fill up less than fifty percent of what’s needed in 2050, We are in for a food crisis. We need innovation badly, as we will have only 40 % of land available for agriculture and about 70 % of the fresh water is already being used by agriculture. Improvement in agriculture will be critical to the peaceful existence of human race, says Jappreet Sethi, CEO of YoStartups.”

80% of the companies in the list are founded in or after 2012, which denotes that the adoption of technology and its commercialization by startups started picking pace post-2012.

70 % of top 50 Agritech Startups for 2018 are from the USA

The USA continues to dominate with thirty-four startups from the top fifty coming from its stable; the Agritech ecosystem in the United States is mature and facilitates commercialization.

The only other three countries that have more than one startup on the list are Israel with three startups, India and Canada with two startups each. Australia, China, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom have one startup each on the list. This trend is worrisome, as the world needs to innovate in Agriculture, as the current resources don’t seem enough to feed our ever-growing population, coupled with climate change and scarcity of fresh water, there is a crisis lurking at our door. It's important that government and other players take the lead to foster Agritech startups in their respective countries.

Agritech Startups are attracting good traction from Investors

While the startup investments have fallen across industries, Agritech sector startups seem to defy the trend. The funding scenario is much better for Agritech companies with 46% companies raising more than US$25 Million in total investments and 76% companies raising more than three or more rounds of investment. This shows that the investors and private equity funds are ready to back startups in the sector; it is a good opportunity for researchers to partner with entrepreneurs and commercialize their research.

Innovative Food & Novel Farming startups attracted highest Investments

Novel farming and innovative food startups jumped to the forefront of the Agritech sector by raising the highest investments. The average funding per startup in Novel Farming was US$104 Million, Innovative food startups came in second by with an average funding of US$ 80 Million per startup. Supply chain startups for Agritech came in third with an average funding of US$ 55 Million per startup. This was followed by Food Processing startup with an average of US$ 46 million, Biotechnology startups with an average of US$ 40 Million per startup.

Sensors, IOT and Analysis based startups for Agritech have the maximum entrants in the Top 50 list, however the average funding round per startup is the least at US$ 24 Million, This could because of heavy market competition and too many me-too products that are not differentiated well enough

Segments which made to Top 50 Agritech Startup list

To highlight the emerging technology trends in the Agritech industry we have further divided the top-50 companies into different segments based on their core offerings.

Number of startups in each segment

Biotechnology - 5
Food Processing - 8
Innovative Food - 8
Novel Farming - 7
Sensors, IOT & Analytics - 15
Supply Chain - 4
Others - 3

Novel Farming

The segment includes companies who are bringing innovation in traditional farming techniques by including indoors farming technologies, and other similar advancements to bring efficiency and sustainability. The USA once again dominates this segment with all 7 companies coming from the country on our list. The companies in the segment include Indigo, Plenty Inc, BrightFarms, Bowery Farming Inc, Freight Farms, Apeel Sciences, and Grove.
Seven Novel Farming startups in Top 50 Agritech Startups list for 2018, raised a total of US$ 730 Million spread over 29 funding rounds, with an average funding of US$ 25.19 Million per round on an average.

Innovative Food

The segment includes companies working on alternative food options and other supplements. 8 companies from the segment make to our list of top-50 companies, with the USA leading with 6 companies. The companies in the segment include Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Hampton Creek, Memphis Meats, Soylent, Hargol FoodTech, Ripple Foods and Perfect Day Foods.Eight Innovative Food startups in Top 50 Agritech Startups list for 2018, raised a total of US$ 704 Million spread over 36 funding rounds, with an average funding of US$ 19.58 Million per round on an average.

Food Processing

Food Processing segment includes companies that perform a mechanical or chemical process on the food, either to preserve it or make it ready to market. It is also one of the most popular Agritech segments with 8 companies making to the top 50 list. The companies in the segment include Zimplistic, Innit, Chef’s Plate, Honeygrow, Gobble, Gousto, Suja Juice and Snap Kitchen.
Eight Food Processing startups in Top 50 Agritech Startups list for 2018, raised a total of US$ 372 Million spread over 32 funding rounds, with an average funding of US$ 11.65 Million per round on an average


Agritech biotechnology is a collection of scientific methodologies and technologies to enhance the overall agricultural productivity. All five companies in the segment come from the USA, with Modern Meadow leading the segment followed by Provivi, Asilomar Bio, Benson Hill Biosystems and AgBiome.
Five Biotechnology startups in Top 50 Agritech Startups list for 2018, raised a total of US$ 204 Million spread over 24 funding rounds, with an average funding of US$ 8 Million per round on an average.

Supply Chain

The supply chain plays an important role in the Agritech industry, making the agricultural produce reach to the households or for further processing. We have 4 companies from the segment in our top-50; Ninjacart and CroFarm from India, Meicai from China and FarmLead from Canada.

Four Agritech Supply Chain startups in Top 50 Agritech Startups list for 2018, raised a total of US$ 220 Million spread over 13 funding rounds, with an average funding of US$ 19.64 Million per round on an average. China and India are the hot locations for solving Agritech supply chain issues. Meicai from China has raised a total of US$ 200 Million in funding till date and it makes up 90% of the investment raised by all the startups in this segment.

Sensors, IOT & Analytics

The segment includes companies making specialized accessories for tracking farming process or collecting and analyzing the data for making further predictions. It also proves to be a most promising segment for the coming year, as 15 companies from the segment made to our top-50.The companies in the segment include Farmers Business Network, Ceres Imaging, TerrAvion, Abundant Robotics, Farmlogs Mavrx, Arable and Gro Intelligence from the USA; CropX, Prospera Technologies and Taranis from Israel; Gamaya, Clear Flight Solutions, Nofence AS and The Yield from Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway and Australia respectively.

Fifteen Sensors, IOT & Analytics startups in Top 50 Agritech Startups list for 2018, raised a total of US$ 362 Million spread over 50 funding rounds, with an average funding of US$ 7.25 Million per round on an average.

With the penetration of Internet and smartphones, we are seeing the inclusion of new technologies in the otherwise isolated agricultural industry. Technologies like aerial mapping & diagnostic, IOT based inspections and farm operations are making their way into the commercial farming.

Here is the list of Top 50 Agritech Startups to watch out for in 2018

Organization Name WebLink

1. Beyond Meat
2. Indigo
3. Impossible Foods
4. Farmers Business Network
5. Pilotworks
6. Hampton Creek
7. Memphis Meats
8. Plenty Inc.
9. Soylent
10. Gamaya
11. Zimplistic
12. CropX
13. Modern Meadow
14. Innit
15. Ceres Imaging
16. Chef's Plate
17. Hargol FoodTech
18. BrightFarms
19. Provivi
20. Bowery Farming Inc
21. Asilomar Bio
22. Clear Flight Solutions
23. Freight Farms
24. honeygrow
25. Prospera Technologies
26. Gobble
27. Ripple Foods
28. FarmLead
29. ProducePay
30. Ninjacart
31. Nofence AS
32. TerrAvion
33. Abundant Robotics
34. FarmLogs
35. Apeel Sciences
36. Meicai
37. Mavrx
38. Gousto
39. Suja Juice
40. Grove
41. Taranis
42. The Yield
43. Snap Kitchen
44. Benson Hill Biosystems
45. Arable
46. Gro Intelligence
47. AgBiome
48. CroFarm
49. Perfect Day Foods
50. Trace Genomics


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