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Cryptocurrency: The Future Era. Expert are optimistic about IMPEREUM

LOS ANGELES, USA, May 20, 2018 / -- Do you perceive that the cryptocurrency bubble will burst soon?
According to experts and spokespersons of renowned online trading platforms, there are some cryptocurrencies that will increase significantly in the coming years! Among them, a number of experts are specifically optimistic about the emerging cryptocurrency - IMPEREUM, and expects it to have a 100-fold increase by the end of this year.

Asian investors took a shot and witness the rebound of cryptocurrency, where Bitcoin’s 20% drop in value was seen to smoothen out and instead increased in value. Recently, investors in Asia have become increasingly active. In terms of recent cryptocurrency transactions, the world’s top five cryptocurrency exchanges are all from Asia. We are also seeing an uptrend in U.S. blockchain concept stocks. Kodak increased by more than 11%, after announcing the release of cryptocurrencies. Shenzhen Xunlei Networking Technologies Co., Ltd. increased by more than 5% while and Secoo Holding rose more than 1%.

Many cryptocurrency exchanges are actively hiring. Coinbase, Kraken and Circle are all preparing to double the total number of employees they have by 2018. In general, these cryptocurrency exchanges plan to recruit 1,250 employees. Mike Poutre, CEO of Crypto Company, a company that builds the ecosystem for the cryptoasset market said: “There is a shortage of talent with expertise and keen sense in this field.” In this trend of rebound in cryptocurrency, investment experts are optimistic that IMPEREUM can achieve 100-fold increase before the end of this year.

One of the main reasons why IMPEREUM can grow in a short period of time to stabilize the emerging cryptocurrency is its hedging property where it is backed by gold. This is considered as a pioneering initiative in the industry and with this property, it allows IMPEREUM to be accepted easier by luxury goods companies. In comparison with the general cryptocurrency where it can only be applied to "minimal daily transactions", IMPEREUM are mainly used for high value transactions such as real estate, high-end consumption and luxury goods, where the value for each transactions is relatively large and in relation, processes rapid circulation.

In addition to entertainment, high-end tourism, luxury goods purchases, etc., there are reliable sources indicating that IMPEREUM has successfully integrated with international holdings and can also be used to purchase real estate. These increasingly widespread usage of cryptocurrencies brings a considerable degree of protection for its value and even greatly enhances the value of IMPEREUM.

Cryptocurrency was created at the height of the financial crisis where this invention was seen as one of several options to replace the official currency. Proponents of cryptocurrency believe that most modern currencies can be used to manipulate economies where the central bank can stimulate the economy by producing more currency. In this case, cryptocurrency can also play a role in the economy just like any other legal currencies. Cryptocurrency is an immutable electronic ledger and blockchains exist on computerized ledgers. This is an innovative way of executing and recording stock transactions, loan information, or tracking real estate transactions. Coupled with the fact that cryptocurrency is not under the control of the central bank or the government, individuals can trade directly without any intermediary. This is one of the most critical advantage and attractive points of cryptocurrency.

With the decentralization and intangibility of the cryptocurrency, it may change things greatly and may even reverse the way of operations for most sectors apart from financial, such as internet, retail, social media and online banking.

This is similar to when the Internet first changed the ecology of the enterprises in year 2000. Yahoo launched with a bang. Instead, Google, Amazon, etc. have gradually emerged. In fact, companies that have mastered the essence of blockchain technology such as IBM, Microsoft, XX entertainment or other start-ups, etc., will be the final winners of this change.

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